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It is essential we get the best possible water for drinking and bathing in for optimal health. Get rid of the nasties in the town’s main such as chlorine, heavy metals, pathogens, and bacteria.

No more dry flakey skin from showering in chlorinated water! Our customers have reported great improvements to their skin and hair after showering.

Protect your home, appliances, gardens, and plumbing network from the raw mains water supply. Longer lasting appliances and less cleaning!

No more bottled water, simply fill up your own water bottles and load up the fridge!

No more plastic bottles and less landfill, feel good knowing you are helping the environment and playing your part.

What To Expect

We pride ourselves on quality and service, providing you with a one stop shop.
You get the complete package – a quality system installed by an experienced licensed plumber.
No middleman or marketing team! From your first site quote to the installation we make the process quick and hassle free.

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